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To assist customers in achieving maximum value through consistent and excellent quality

  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Energy storage
  • Optical storage system
  • Charging power module
  • Battery System
  • Digital Energy Management and Service Platform

About us

Shenzhen Huahongtimes Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, focusing on the innovation and development of power electronics technology in the field of new energy. Its business focuses on new infrastructure and strategic emerging industry projects. It is an enterprise that integrates the research and development and manufacturing of high-end new energy equipment, as well as the provision, construction, and operation of energy internet solutions, with more than 100 employees.
The company has a complete R&D and simulation platform for power electronics software and hardware technology, as well as a first-class R&D team in the industry. Through continuous and high-intensity R&D investment and technological accumulation, it has formed a strong independent innovation ability and mastered multiple core technologies in the field of power electronics. The company's team has led and participated in the drafting and compilation of multiple national and industry standards in the fields of charging modules, charging piles, and shore power supplies.
The company focuses on the application of new energy vehicles, large-scale energy storage, high-voltage DC power supply, and intelligent connected systems, providing customers with a series of services such as product and technology research and development, manufacturing, solutions, operation and maintenance, investment and construction. It opens up cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises in the new energy and energy internet industry chain, continuously creating value for customers.



To assist customers in achieving maximum value through consistent and excellent quality

Comprehensive business coverage
Our company has been deeply involved in electric vehicle charging piles, various series of energy storage systems, industrial and commercial optical energy storage systems, charging power modules, battery systems, and digital energy management service platforms for many years.
Reasonable and transparent expenses
We will clearly and clearly display the cost details to customers based on the project, and flexibly adjust the plan according to the actual situation of the customers, in order to save costs. We will not increase fees or include hidden fees in the middle of the process.
Professional and meticulous service
Our employees have many years of experience in notarization and certification, and can respond to customers in real-time online, reducing waiting time. Set up three checks for each file, greatly reducing the error rate. It can be used in one transaction, saving time and money.


To assist customers in achieving maximum value through consistent and excellent quality

  • Bus stop project

    Bus stop project

  • State Grid Project

    State Grid Project

  • Operator projects

    Operator projects

  • Operational  construction projects

    Operational construction projects



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